Your Days

I Am a Storyteller.

In a nutshell, I am:
A shooter of faces
A writer of hand written notes
A wrangler of three tiny humans

Family is the most important thing in the world to me and is truly the driving force behind what I do.  Moments over poses is my mantra and my love for photography is fueled by and unwavering desire to tell authentic stories through imagery.  It’s important that the images I make speak beyond the obvious.  I hope this is important for you also…

There’s more to life than having just another pretty picture hanging on the wall (that is if you actually print your pictures).  What’s important is being able to look back on your photos and remember all of it: the sticky faces and mismatched socks, the marker on the walls and the tutu on the dog.  Those in between moments of deep belly laughter, wistful glances and shining moments that might have been forgotten in a sea of other memories.

My style is a unique blend of lifestyle and documentary photojournalism. I approach each session with the mindset of a family historian.  Sessions with me capture personalities, relationships and interactions that weave their way through the story of your life.

I don’t ever want to tell you to “smile” or “look at the camera,” or even try to recreate a photos from someone else’s memories. I want to capture the true you!  The you that doesn’t apologize for having a slightly messy home.  The you that lets your kids dress themselves because individuality is important.  The you who embraces the beautiful chaos of what’s happening in your life right now– unapologetically!

Want to know a little bit more about me? I enjoy strong coffee, being wildly inappropriate, contagious laughter and tater tots (but not necessarily in that order).

I have a slight font addiction and a serious fascination with sharks. I am a salty New Englander and believe my own story should start and end at the ocean. I am moved by live music, handwritten notes and a properly strung sentence (don’t get me started on knowing the difference between your and you’re). I am very afraid of clowns and animals dressed as people.  I also swear a shit ton.

I am a contributing photographer for The Magic Hour Foundation -a non profit that pairs those in the fight against cancer with professional photographers for a free photo session, as well as an Ambassador for Spectrum Inspired, an organization that connects families touched by Autism to professional photographers who have a true passion for celebrating every child’s unique spirit.  You can also find my stock photography images at Shutterstock and Unsplash.


Photo by Eric Laurits


live your life. leave your legacy.






young boy playing with bubbles

mom tickling son on bed

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